our passion

Far Acre Vineyard is a family-owned business that produces fine wine for those looking to enjoy the tastes and experiences of the hand-built wines from one of the leading sparkling wine regions in the World. Unlike other wineries, we don’t mass produce our wines; we take our time to produce some of the best tasting sparkling and still wines from carefully selected grapes nurtured and grown in our vineyard. Our wines are produced at our boutique winery using a special process called ‘bunch-pressing’ which extracts lesser juice but produces higher quality wines. We use only stainless steel throughout from press to fermentation and we ensure that only the very best quality yeast and cultures are used to get our stellar, limited-release wines.

our wine

We love producing wines in small batches for wine lovers, wine collectors, wine connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts who want to explore and enjoy a variety of tastes…tastes that have been recognised by Decanter World Wine with a score of 91/100 (Blanc De Noirs 2014). We can also produce custom wines made strictly to exact taste specifications for customers who want to create their own line of sparkling and still wines. The grape varieties we use are Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and Bacchus.

come and stay

Far Acre Vineyard is not just about producing great wines; we also provide great camping experiences for tourists and visitors who want to enjoy the tastes and sights of the Kent countryside. Our campsite overlooks the vineyard and is open to visitors all year for caravans and motorhomes. We also have grass pitches for tents in the summer. Campers can indulge themselves by exploring our wines. They also get to see where these wines come from and what goes into the process of producing our bespoke wines. For anyone who loves fine, homegrown Kent wine, this is the ultimate experience