Since taking over FAR ACRE in 2003, we have built up a thriving farm, campsite and family home from the bare land. Established in 2010, our family planted and nurtured the small & beautiful vineyard.

Previously the farm had a reputation for best-in-class fruit. This terroir now provides an outstanding environment for growing and producing award-winning English wine. Our small on-site winery allows us to unlock our creative passion and follow our hearts.

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Far Acre Vineyard specialises in making English Sparkling Wine from traditional Champagne varietal grapes Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay; English Still Wine from Bacchus and Chardonnay. The key to our individuality is small batch winemaking. Combining small batches of grapes from different parts of the vineyard we build depth of flavour and texture. We only source from our own vineyard which is surrounded by hedgerows, oak trees and orchard. We drop smaller and less developed fruit to the floor ensuring that the fruit we keep is well ripened and perfect for winemaking. We only “bunch press” which means we get a lower juice extraction but ensures the quality of the juice is optimal for the production of high quality white and sparkling wine production. Stainless steel is used within the winery from the press to the fermentation vessels. The very best high-quality yeast and cultures are used. The strictly limited release allows us to follow our “hearts”. When our wines are sold out, they’re gone. The emerging trend for fine English Wine provides us with the challenge to produce the unique best quality wine for the discerning palate of the connoisseur. Looking through the window onto Far Acre Vineyard with the emphasis on producing wines of singular character. We learn more each year about our soil and our cellar practices working towards perfection. Our Silver Award Decanter 2016 winning English Sparkling Wine confirmed our commitment to quality and distinctiveness. Far Acre Farm Quality English Wines sit comfortably with those seeking exceptional flavours to provide relaxation and socialisation. We have responded to the “surge in interest” for wines to add sparkle to celebrations and craft personalised labels to mark anniversary, birthday, wedding gifts, Christmas hampers, individual wooden boxes and corporate gifts.